If you need a satisfying introduction to the classic sex toy, shop our exciting range of dildos now. Once you’re comfortable with a smaller one, try a large dildo for a totally fulfilling experience! You can also choose between a realistic dildo or a glass dildo for temperature play.

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    Climax Cox 7.5 Inch, Bawdy Blue

    Plushy soft and irresistibly shaped, the harness-compatible Climax Cox 7.5 Inch features extreme realism, lots of length and a sturdy suction base designed for unending hands-free fun.

    Smooth and tapered at the tip, the Cox penetrates easily, widening below into a satisfying shaft criss-crossed with subtle veins. Big plushy balls beneath bump agasint sensitive outer areas during play- they also act as a barrier agasint too-deep travel. Most O-ring or open-front harnesses will be compatible with this dildo thanks to a rounded suction base and defined neck beneath the balls. The suction cup can also be secured agasint walls, windows and floor, positioning the Climax Cox for easy hands-free enjoyment.

    In squeezable PVC, this Climax piece cleans easily using warm soapy water or a good toy care fluid/foam. Compatible with any great quality water-based lubricant.

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    Black Tie Affaire Donatello

    The Black Tie Affair Realistic Dong, Donatello is a realistic dong made of soft, refined touch material.