Ben Wa Balls


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    Cyberglass™ Ben Wa Balls, Blue Blossom

    BOTTOMS UP BUTT SILICONE ANAL TOY SET ,SMOKE Two silicone anal toys: graduated butt beads and petite butt plug, 10 insertable cm each.

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    Eggs & Bullets Ben-Wa Balls

    The best way to get to pleasure is simplification, and following this path we present these balls that besides giving you endless pleasure will help you keep your pelvic floor in shape. The balls will move every step you take, giving you pleasure all day. They are connected to not lose any. And if you make your favorite lubricant you will go straight to heaven.


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    Twins Ball

    The Twin Balls are 2balls that contain another ball of a smaller size that with the movement produce vibrations that stimulate the erogenous zones and give pleasure.

    Ideal to refocus the pelvic floor

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    Climax® Kegels Ben Wa Balls With Silicone Strap

    Kegel balls, also referred to as Ben Wah Balls,Burmese balls, Venus balls or Geisha balls, are small marble-sized balls that can be used to strengthen the pelvic floor muscles and tighten the vagina. These kegel balls from Climax come with a silicone strap for easy removal.

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    Shadows Silicone Benoît Balls

    I want you in superb condition for our meetings…Sir said as he handed me a curious set of Grey Shadows Ben Wa Balls that were connected by a looped string.

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    Silky Smooth Duo Balls

    What Are Ben Wa Balls?
    They are small balls that are made of metal and coated in silicone so they are naturally weighted and easy to clean.

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    Pretty Love Orgasmic Ball

    Welcome to the world of Pretty Love, high standards of quality with strict controls achieve a perfect result. Reach more intense orgasms with the Pretty Love Orgasmic Ball set.

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    Lelo Luna Beads Noir

    Fulfill Your Wildest Fantasies
    For women and couples seeking more intense intimate sensations, LUNA Beads™ Noir are a sensual take on Ben Wa balls.
    Inspired by centuries-old Ben Wa balls, LUNA Beads™ Noir offer you a sensual secret, the type of subtle, prolonged pleasure you won’t find anywhere else. Perfect for foreplay, or building longer, stronger orgasms.


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