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If you’re looking to explore another pleasure zone, shop our exciting range of anal beads now.


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    Duo Balls Hot Pink Dotted

    Duo Balls Hot Pink Dotted is a new concept in unisex Chinese balls whereby the vibration of each movement works to stimulate and tone the pelvic muscles, thereby leading to intense orgasms. The point of attachment for the balls is completely flexible, allowing them to adopt any position desired. They are also covered in silicone to ensure total hygiene. The quiet, anti-allergic balls are suitable for both vaginal and anal use, and their size allows for discreet use throughout the day whilst undertaking your usual daily activities.

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    Linger Graduated Silicone Anal Beads

    Let your pleasure linger with this extra long set of silky Linger Graduated Silicone Anal Beads.

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    Spiral Beads

    From Femme Funn comes the ultimate in anal pleasure! 100% smooth silicone spiral beads are perfect for triple the pleasure.

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    Dorcel Deep Feel

    The Dorcel Deep feel Anal Chain is a 100% ultra soft touch silicone chain that allows for progressive and intense penetration.


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