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We Asked 3
Straight Guys Why
They Enjoy Anal
As a group that likes to think of themselves as -experts- on all things related to anal play, we’ve noticed an issue – people don’t know much about prostates. Many think that only homosexual men should enjoy them, since these glands are stimulated through anal sex. Such is not the case!

We spoke to three cis (i.e. someone who identifies with the gender at their birth sex), straight men about their pleasurable experience with anal play and how they realized it’s definitely not just for gay men.

A Sneak Peek of
Our Juicy Q&A
Can you describe your first
experience with anal penetration?
“Fingers eventually made their way, and the thrill of something ‘naughty’ made it better…”

“My girl [proposed] the idea of a prostate massage…[During] the whole experience, the sensations were intense, and at times seemingly overwhelming.”

Why, do you think, straight men aren’t having anal sex?
“[Anal sex] had such negative and unfounded connotations of you as a man. If you found pleasure in that, “you must like men,” and that was a bad thing for some reason.”

“I know older men who would rather risk having prostate cancer than spend the 8 seconds with a doc’s finger up the butt, because they ‘aren’t gay’.”

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